Last Updated: April 23, 2022

A. Fees.

In consideration of the license granted to You herein, You agree to pay Apex Accelerator Coach the fees (“Fees”) in the amount and manner as previously agreed upon related to access to the Website.

B. Refunds.

Refunds. The Fees are non-refundable, except as follows: You may request (“Refund Request”) a refund of the Fees for the Apex Accelerator Coach System is within fourteen (14) calendar days, from the Effective Date (“Refund Period”) for any reason whatsoever. If you choose a payment plan, it can not be canceled after the specific refund period for that program. You have committed to pay and are liable for all payments in the payment plan. Your request must be in writing and delivered to Apex Accelerator Coach at Failure to deliver the Refund Request during the Refund Period will result in Your waiver of rights to a refund of Your Fees. Apex Accelerator Coach will provide You access to the first-half of the Website during the Refund Period. Provided You do not deliver a Refund Request within the Refund Period, Apex Accelerator Coach will provide you access to the remaining half of the Website on the fifteen (15th) calendar day following the Effective Date.

Eagle Nation Products: Refunds after 30 days, but not after 60 days and forward. After 60 days, cancellation maybe requested, but no refund allowed.

C. Notice Regarding Electronic Payment Vendors.

Users should be aware some payments may be processed through Stripe or other electronic payment vendors. Apex Accelerator Coach may also provide applications and other services to merchants related to payment processing. Payments may not be processed for certain activities, such as for illegal or other prohibited activities. If you have a question as to whether a payment will be accepted, then we encourage you to check the policies of the applicable vendor. Your relationship with the electronic payment vendors is separate from your relationship with Apex Accelerator Coach and is governed by the terms and conditions contained in such vendor’s agreement.

Such terms and conditions are available at the respective vendor’s website. Apex Accelerator Coach is not responsible for the actions or omissions of any third-party payment processor. If you choose the payment plan:

- it cannot be canceled after 14 days, for the Apex Accelerator.

You have committed to pay and are liable for all payments in the payment plan.

Timothy Campbell
Founder of Apex Accelerator Coach and Eagle Nation